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Commitment For A Greener Future
Dedication to Social Responsibility

Quality Control & Sustainability | Istanbul - TURKEYIn the realm of the apparel industry, quality control is paramount. At Gurex Textile, 30% of our quality control in the clothing industry operations are meticulously conducted in-house. The remaining quality control processes are executed at our subcontractors' facilities, with our skilled technicians performing daily controls to ensure the highest standards. The quality assurance controls in the apparel industry encompass a broad spectrum, including fabric examination for shading and defects at our own laboratories, fabric spreading and cutting, garment assembly line examination, and a final 100% inspection.

Physical and chemical safety is a crucial aspect of quality control. We conduct regular system audits across all our factories and continuously review our quality performance, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards.


A significant 50% of our total collection is crafted from BCI cotton, underlining our commitment to sustainable practices in the apparel industry. We prioritize the use of sustainable raw materials, and our organic production stages are certified by GOTS & OCS, reflecting our dedication to quality control.

Quality Control & Sustainability | Istanbul - TURKEY


Our focus on employee care and development is integral to our operations. We create social activities to enhance employee engagement and offer educational training programs, preparing them for future recruitment. This holistic approach to quality control in the apparel industry not only ensures product excellence but also fosters a positive and responsible workplace environment.


Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond quality control in the clothing industry. We have collaborated with professional teams for recycling electronic waste, focusing on reducing and efficiently managing our waste. Additionally, we are actively working on lowering our energy consumption and adhere strictly to an eco-friendly manufacturing code of conduct.