Not just a piece of clothing, but a symbol of

Private Label Clothing Production | Istanbul - TURKEYIn our private label clothing production process, every aspect of cutting is conducted 100% in-house, ensuring precision and quality in every garment. For sewing, we collaborate with 8 different subcontractors, each selected based on their specialization in various aspects of private label clothing production.

Regarding applications and embroideries, a crucial part of our clothing production, we utilize the expertise of 3 subcontractors. Our capabilities encompass a wide range of embellishments, including strass, sequin, and beading, which can be executed either by hand or machine, depending on the specific clothing production design requirements.

For printing, an integral part of our private label clothing production process, we are equipped to employ both screen and roller printing techniques. Our collaboration with 3 all-over printing subcontractors allows us to offer advanced printing methods like reactive, pigment, and discharge print. Additionally, we engage with 4 other subcontractors to cover a broader spectrum of print varieties in our apparel production. Piece printing options include plastic, water-based, pigment, high density, silver, glittered, flock, and transfer flock.


When it comes to cloth labeling and branding in clothing production, we offer a range of options. The artwork for branding can either be supplied by you, our esteemed client, or our team can present a storyboard of branding items to inspire and facilitate your choice. This includes exploring various options in label weaving type and quality, paper weight for tags, and hang tag thickness, all integral to the clothing production process. We also provide sophisticated embroidered branding options, ensuring that every aspect of your garment reflects your brand's identity and quality standards.