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With a rich heritage spanning over 50 years, Gurex Textile stands as a testament to enduring quality and innovation in the clothing manufacturing and exporting industry. Our origins trace back to 1965 with PENYELUX, a trailblazer in textile advancements, known for its fully integrated services in circular knitwear, knitwear, underwear, and swimwear. Embracing the legacy of Penyelux, we at Gurex Textile have continued to evolve, specializing in casual wear and sportswear, with plans to expand into woven outerwear production soon.

As a revered clothing manufacturer catering to both men’s and women’s fashion, Gurex Textile is dedicated to delivering an exclusive array of clothing production and manufacturing services. Our approach is comprehensive, covering every aspect from the initial concept to the final product delivery. Our expertise lies in transforming customer-inspired mood boards into unique apparel collections, leveraging our mastery in fabric innovation. We meticulously select and develop each material to surpass the highest benchmarks of quality and style.

Our monthly capacity ranges from 100,000 to 150,000 pieces, reflecting our commitment to scale and excellence. Our product range is diverse and extensive, with a particular emphasis on Ladies wear, which constitutes 90% of our production. This focus has established us as a frontrunner in the women’s fashion segment. The remaining 10% of our production is evenly distributed between men’s and children’s wear. 

At Gurex Textile, we pride ourselves on blending tradition with innovation, ensuring that each garment we create is not just a piece of clothing, but a symbol of our legacy and commitment to excellence.



Penyelux Fabrics have deep respect and love for Turkish quality and design, embrace its uniquely Turkish heritage and culture of style.

Taking advantage of decades of fabric development and Turkish fabric technique as  an inspiration, the collection will continue its evolution into a look that is at once feminine, pure and relaxed. Using lightweight and modern construction to craft clothes that are understated, desirable and deeply chic. A history of iconic double face fabric is celebrated for its unique technique and effortless wearability and chic.

Fabrics are forever noble but modernised with superior construction and stretch. Penyelux Knit Fabrics are deeply researched and executed as a innovative visions. Colour is delicate and rich: a contrast between the beautiful classics and more subtle luxury shades.


Penyelux was established. The company derives its name from a fabric known as Penye, which was invented and created by Hasan Gurel in Turkey.


The company was founded by Hasan Gurel, who embarked on a journey involving threads, fabrics, and the creation of fashion collections that would eventually become an integral part of Turkish history and culture.


From the production of yarn to the creation of fabric, and subsequently the development and production of fashion collections, the brand's first collection was carefully curated by Cem and Adnan Gurel.

1980 - 1990

blankPenyelux Fabrics continues its research into fabrics and designs, expanding its reach globally and becoming a supplier of luxury fabrics to numerous leading international brands.


Penyelux Fabrics has assumed full control of fabric production, forming collaborations with prominent talents and renowned Turkish designers.


blankAs Owners and General Directors of Penyelux Fabrics, Cem and Adnan Gurel added significant value to the brand. In September 2005, they unveiled their first fabric collection named PENYELUX COLLECTION ONE.


The Penyelux Fabrics designer infused the brand with a refined and luxurious mentality, actively participating in the development of Penyelux Fabrics as a leading luxury brand.


Since 1994, Cem Gurel has served as the General Director of the brand, while Adnan Gurel is a board member. They continue to transform the collections from a productive target approach to an innovative design perspective, creating a look that is simultaneously creative, modern, and elegant.